Be Kind To Singletons On Valentine’s Day

I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s like the worst day for single people anywhere on the planet. I especially hate the fact that Valentine’s Day is so big where I live. Sometimes, I just want to hide under a rock or flee to the mountains and just isolate myself from the infamous day of love. I mean, sadly, singles are being discriminated upon. There’s racism, anti-semitism, sexism, homophobia and there’s what I call ‘singletonism’. On ordinary days, it’s bad enough as it is. There’s people who would directly single me out ( no pun intended ) and insult me. People are very insensitive to singletons. I’ve met people for the first time who will tell me, “You’re still single? You’re so old. Why don’t you find a husband?” I always feel like I’m infected with the plague or something. There are there people who take the indirect approach but it still stings. I’ve met people who would tell me rather incredulously, ” You’re still single? I can’t believe it.” I don’t really know how to react in these situations. I don’t know if I should be flattered or I should be insulted. But somehow, it still feels like an insult because I can almost hear their thoughts. They think there is something wrong with me. Others are more philosophical about my situation. They will tell me, ” You know what, maybe you’re too picky.” I don’t know about that though. I mean, should I just ay YES to the first guy that asks me out? Well, I did that a few years ago. I couldn’t say NO to him so I said YES. The relationship lasted years. I was totally miserable because I was afraid to say NO. So I don’t think the picky theory works. If I were picky, I would not have chosen my first boyfriend. It was the worst relationship ever. I’m glad I left him, but been single pretty much ever since. Although I did get into an undefined relationship that felt like a real relationship. I wasn’t too picky then. If I were picky, I sure would have chosen a real guy and not a semi-guy ( that’s a hint there ). Some take the more pragmatic approach. They tell me, ” You know what? You have such high standards and that’s your problem.” I don’t think this approach works as well. I mean, obviously I just can’t go into a relationship with any guy, I mean I should at least have standards? Right? I mean, I’ve had this happen to me more times than I care to remember but it would seem that I’m a magnet for married guys or guys with girlfriends. If I didn’t have standards I would have accepted their indecent proposals. It’s just so weird, one time, a guy professed his love for me, and he was about to get married because he was having a kid. How strange is that? If I didn’t have standards, I would have said yes to him. Several married guys have approached me and told me I was their ‘ideal woman’ and they felt bad that they were already married. How do I even react to that? There are guys who are obviously in a relationship who still try to hit on me. I don’t get flattered at all when this happens. In fact, I pity their current girlfriends. Why the heck would they do that and in such a blatant manner? Some people take the biological approach when they insult me. These people usually have a medical background and feel that they are entitled to their own medical opinion. They will scare me and say, ” You will give birth to hideous children if you start having babies at an older age.” Or they will say, ” Your child will be born abnormal with 6 limbs and 2 heads.” I’ve seen scary films, but you know what I think this is actually a lot scarier. I’ve consulted with a friend who is in a similar situation. He took the spiritual approach to my dilemma. He told me, “You know what? Perhaps we were monks in our past lives, that’s why we’re having a problem with relationships. We’re probably on the same boat.” The spiritual approach is kind of complicated. I mean, you’re dealing with past lives here. How can I change that part of me, when it already happened? I can’t surely blame my past life. I mean, being a monk was probably the ‘in’ thing in those days. How can I do anything about that? I’ve taken the proactive approach, and actually done silly rituals. I’ve done feng shui arrangements, walked on glowing hot coals, EFT, burned sage, bought healing crystals and love crystals and chanted prayers. I didn’t dance around the house during the full moon trying to summon true love. But now that I mentioned it, it kind of sounds like a nice idea. I wonder when the next full moon is. I probably need to buy a gong and a Native American head dress. My Buddhist friends often remind me, ” It is your karma to have that problem.” You know what? It probably is my karma. But until when do I have to suffer this disease called singlehood? My situation turns really bad during Valentine’s Day. It’s like a witch hunt. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you have to run away. Everwhere you go on Valentine’s Day you see posters, couples, kissing festivals, couple shirts for sale, advertisements, promotions for dinner dates, etc, all trying to somehow ‘rub it in’. It’s as if everyone else is saying ” You’re single, too bad!” Why don’t they just round up all single people and just burn us at the stake? It certainly feels that way anyway. What’s worse is that my relatives call Valentine’s Day as the ‘firing squad day’ for singles. There’s no arguing with that. It really does feel like we’re about to get shot on the heart during Valentine’s Day. So for people who have a date on Valentine’s Day, please be kind to single people. Singletonism should stop. Stop insulting single people especially on Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of hearts, so have a heart.